Two Great Events coming this Spring

For More info on Chickenstock in Martinsburg and in Clear Brook, VA.  please see

The Maryland Poultry Swap and Farmers Market on Sat. June 8th 2013 from 8-2

Green Hill Farm
5329 Mondell Rd.
Sharpsburg, MD. 21782

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A Flea Market of Fun for the Poultry Fancier!

Chickenstock is a buy/sell/trade event where anyone is welcome to buy and anyone is welcome to show up that morning and sell.  There are no fees but there are a few rules.  Please scroll to the bottom to find out more. 
We never know whom will show up with what but, we do know that there will be a wide variety of fowl and many like-minded folks to meet.  So, come and join in on the fun!

Chickenstock welcomes anything farm-related;
incubators,nesting boxes,coops,chickens,

Photos from Fallstock 2010


left side of Chickenstock.  We had two rows that stretched all the way to Weis' market!

Royal Palm Turkey Poults

Polish Chickens

Working a Sale

Kat selling an EE (easter egger) Pullet

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chicken Keeping. 

Bunny Love :)

1.  Swaps are like flea markets.  There are deals to be had all day.. some deals get better toward closing time but, it is usually slim pickens as we head toward closing so, please don't expect plenty to choose from at a quarter til noon.
2. Getting the contact information from the breeder you buy from is a great idea.  You may have questions for them that you didn't think of until after you arrive home.
3.  ALWAYS quarantine new birds.  99% of the time everything would be fine but, the stress of finding a new home can bring on sickness in a once healthy bird.  Keeping new birds separated in their private abode for 2 weeks gives enough time for any sickness to reveal itself and save your existing flock from potential sickness. 
4.  Bring boxes!!  We usually have some but, sometimes they aren't the correct size or run out particularly toward late morning.  

Sellers: Please arrive early on Sat. morning so you can have time to set up and be organized before customers come at 8.  There will be a NPIP poultry tester onsite to test WV birds over 6 months of age.

All out of state birds must originate from a certified clean pullorum flock have been tested within 6 months.

All out of state birds must be tested for Avian Influenza within 10 days of the swap and must bring paperwork showing this.

WV residents not participating in the NPIP program must have their birds tested onsite in the morning for pullorum. There is no requirement for AI with instate birds.  There will be a tester onsite at 7 am. 

Don't forget to bring boxes so your customers can take their birds home safely. Please keep your birds in cages and PLEASE, only bring healthy animals.  Any animals displaying open wounds, respiratory illness or any other sickness will not be permitted at Chickenstock.

Buy/ Sell/ Trade Anything and Everything Poultry

ChickenStock is hosted by area breeders of poultry. We are interested in coming together as a community and sharing this common interest we all have in our birds. Anyone is welcome to purchase birds or show up that morning and sell. If you wish to be a vendor, you are encouraged to come and participate. There are just a few rules we must all abide by. *All poultry over 6 months old must be tested that morning for pollorum/thyphoid or owner must be participating in the NPIP program. See links on side bar for more info. *Out of state poultry over 6 months must also be tested no more than 10 days prior to event for AI (avian influenza) This is WV sate law and helps prevent the spread of the disease. *All animals brought to ChickenStock must be in good health and have no open wounds, respitory illness or other sickness. This is a FREE event and there is no charge to set up as a vendor. If you wish to sell, please contact Erin and let her know what you'll be bringing so you can be added to THE LIST. Erin Moshier 304-279-0016 for more info. or email We are in no way affiliated with the Tractor Supply Co. They are just kind enough to let us use their parking area.